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Removing sellotape from a window.

Many people don't realise the problems they are creating as they happily stick up their balloons, banners and party decorations with sellotape.

When it comes to removing any adhesive tape from glass it rarely peels of easily.

Rubbing it with a cloth or sponge rarely works either- what you really need is a scraper!

The best scraper to use is one which is specifically designed for the job. Most online window cleaning supplies shops sell scrapers. Don't forget to order some spare blades as well.

Start by wetting the window with a little soapy water, and then, keeping the scraper almost parallel to the glass, gently start to lift the tape from one end. After the tape has been removed their is likely to be a residue left on the glass, but this can soon be cleaned off with good old fashioned elbow grease.

If you are a little apprehensive about using a scraper on glass, you should call a professional window cleaner to do the job for you.

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