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Ladder safety - a simple guide

Ladder safety do’s and don’ts

According to the Health and Safety Executive, falls from ladders account for more than a quarter of all falls from height.The sad thing is, most of these could easily be avoided if some simple safety procedures were followed.To help make sure you aren’t the victim of an injury (or worse), here are some guidelines for using ladders from for you to follow:

DO: Ensure your ladders are fit for purpose before using them. Thoroughly check for any defects.

Place ladders on a solid and even surface as possible. Whatever you do, don’t let them sit on slippery surfaces.

When using a step ladder, lock the spreaders into place before ascending the ladder. Maintain your grip with both hands on the ladder, and face it when climbing.

Use a tool belt or pulley system instead of carrying tools up ladders.

Lean the ladders at the correct angle – as specified in the ladder instructions.

DO NOT:Use the top two rungs of any ladder. If you need to go further up, just get a longer ladder.

Allow more than one person on the ladder at a time.

Overreach! Climb down and reposition the ladder if you feel the need to.

Work near electricity of overhead hazards, especially with a metal ladder.

Put the ladder in high traffic areas unless there is no alternative. If it is, make sure if is cornered off to prevent collisions.

Lean a step ladder against a wall like you would with a normal ladder.

Following these simple rules will keep you safe and avoid costly accidents.

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