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We offer regular domestic window cleaning in many areas of Nottingham and surrounding towns and villages.

Our team at Andrew's Window Cleaning can handle anything from a small house to a large Nottingham mansion, and not only do we clean the glass, we also clean the window frames and sills too!

Don't worry if your windows haven't been cleaned for quite some time, we'll soon get them gleaming again for you!

Our prices for regular window cleaning start from just £12 for a small house or flat.

All our cleaning is guaranteed, so if you're not happy for any reason, let us know and we'll do our best to put it right!

Getting a competitive quote for your property is really easy - just complete the form below and we'll get back to you usually within 24 hours. 

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Andrew's Window Cleaning - Terms and Conditions

By booking our services, you accept our terms and conditions of trading.

All our work is guaranteed so if you are not happy for any reason please get in touch within 48 hours of our visit, and we will correct the problem.

For safety reasons, please make sure all pets and children are indoors for the duration of our visit.

Cleaning of your windows includes the cleaning of anything which we would usually expect to find on your windows including bird mess but excluding other substances such as egg, paint, creosote, cement ect.

All prices are quoted for agreed frequencies. If you wish to change your frequency we may need to alter your price also.

If you need to miss a clean or cleans for any reason please give us at least 14 days notice.

We do not accept evening before cancellations, or cancellations on the day of cleaning. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that we will be unable to find other work to do at such short notice, so we will need to charge for these jobs.

Please ensure our staff can get full access to your property on the day of our visit. Where we cannot get to parts of your property due to locked gates or other obstacles, we will only clean accessible windows but the full price will still be charged.

Our pure water systems allow us to work in most weather conditions including light to moderate rain. If weather conditions prevent us from doing the work as scheduled, we will usually call the next working day. We will always keep the customer informed in such cases.

Please note we do not call to collect monies owed, unless by special arrangement. The easiest way to ensure payments always reach us on time is to set up a direct debit. If we need to send out reminders for late payment, we will usually do this by text or email. If these reminders are ignored and we need to send out a letter, a charge of £5.00 will be charged for each letter. Further non payment could result in legal action which could also involve further costs and charges.

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