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How often should I get my windows cleaned?

How often should I get my windows cleaned? This is a question we window cleaners get asked time and time again. It really depends on the individuals circumstances and budget, but if you really have no idea hopefully this might help a little.

Traditionally in the UK, many window cleaners used to clean residential properties once every fortnight. Nowadays it's very rare for a domestic customer to ask for fortnightly cleaning, most are happy with monthly cleaning or even once every two months for larger properties. Really it's a matter of personal choice but the vast majority of our domestic customers at Andrew's Window Cleaning have their windows washed once a month.

Commercial and industrial window cleaning can be very different. Most shops have their

windows cleaned at least once a week. If the store is situated on a busy road they might even have their shop front windows cleaned several times a week. A high class boutique or jewellers might even require a daily window cleaning service.

For offices, places of work and public buildings, frequencies often vary between monthly and maybe just once or twice a year.

If your window cleaning budget is tight, one way of saving money could be to have the rear of the building cleaned at longer intervals than the front, after all the front is the part that most of your visitors will see first.

One final tip, don't forget to consider internal window cleaning! This can often be overlooked but there's really no point in cleaning just one side of the glass now is there?

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