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Number One tip for selling your property!

Get your windows cleaned!

First impressions matter and no matter how nice the inside of your property may be, the first thing any potential buyer will see is the outside of your house. Dirty windows give the impression of neglect, and that's the last thing you want your buyers thinking!

If you don't fancy getting up a ladder yourself, call a professional window cleaning company.

When you choose a window cleaner for the job, ask if they clean the frames and sills, as well as the glass. There's no point having nice shiny glass if your upvc is looking shabby or there are cobwebs hanging from your window sills. For a really thorough job get the insides cleaned as well, many professional window cleaners will do this for you if required.

Once your windows are clean, keep them that way for as long as your property is on the market. For only a small cost, it could make all the difference!

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