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How often should I get my windows cleaned?

How often should I get my windows cleaned? This is a question we window cleaners get asked time and time again. It really depends on the individuals circumstances and budget, but if you really have no idea hopefully this might help a little.

Traditionally in the UK, many window cleaners used to clean residential properties once every fortnight. Nowadays it's very rare for a domestic customer to ask for fortnightly cleaning, most are happy with monthly cleaning or even once every two months for larger properties.

Ladder safety - a simple guide

Ladder safety do’s and don’ts 
According to the Health and Safety Executive, falls from ladders account for more than a quarter of all falls from height.The sad thing is, most of these could easily be avoided if some simple safety procedures were followed.To help make sure you aren’t the victim of an injury (or worse), here are some guidelines for using ladders for you to follow: 

DO: Ensure your ladders are fit for purpose before using them. Thoroughly check for any defects.

Removing sellotape from a window.

A picture showing domestic window cleaning service in nottinghamMany people don't realise the problems they are creating as they happily stick up their balloons, banners and party decorations with sellotape.

When it comes to removing any adhesive tape from glass it rarely peels of easily.

Rubbing it with a cloth or sponge rarely works either- what you really need is a scraper!

The best scraper to use is one which is specifically designed for the job. Most online window cleaning supplies shops sell scrapers. Don't forget to order some spare blades as well.